Baccarat Heritage Experience: Paris

The Musée du Louvre

The Louvre started as a fort, and is now the biggest museum in the world, with its iconic I.M. Pei pyramid. Every king and emperor has a say in its evolution, but nobody more than Emperor Napoleon III who asks his architect Louis Visconti and Hector-Martin Lefuel to re-design the the palace. Most of his vision disappeared when the Tuilleries wing burned down in 1871 but the quintessential of it remains in the famous Napoleon III Apartments in the Aile Richelieu overlooking the rue de Rivoli (later ministry of Finance offices). The unique style is one of pomp and grandeur, perfectly defined by Charles Garnier, of the namesake Opera, when asked by Empress Eugenia, as “style Napoleon III, milady”.

It was the time of sumptuous balls organized by the Frères Pereire, the Baron Hausmann, the Rothschild, or the Laffitte. Empress Eugenia, wife of the Emperor, dazzling in Melerio jewels, would be the center of high society, sliding in her House of Worth gown through the decor of gold, stuccos, marble, bronze, silk and velvet, under iconic Baccarat chandeliers.

Our special stop at the Musée du Louvre: The Henri II room for its George Braque ceiling in a 17th century decor.

Paris Itinerary

Day 3

The second leg of the journey will take guests to the origins of the illustrious brand. Guests will travel by private plane from New York to Paris.

Upon arrival to the “city of light” they will be escorted to their hotel and will have the rest of the day at leisure.

Day 4

On the first full day in Paris, guests will be chauffeured to Maison Baccarat. Originally the extraordinary residence of Marie Laure de Noailles, the Maison still holds echoes of conversations that took place amongst the most acclaimed artists and intellectuals of the twentieth century. From Jean Cocteau to Dali and Man Ray to Luchino Visconti: a witness to memorable moments of the world’s most significant history and culture.

Guests will embark on a private tour of the Maison and Musée Baccarat by the Director of the Heritage Department. The Musée is home to major works created by Baccarat for World Fairs, Heads of State, Royal Courts and celebrities. The excursion will end with a private lunch in the Maison’s Cristal Room.

In the afternoon a visit to the Louvre will allow to further explore the world of Baccarat via the chandeliers in the apartments of the Duc de Morny and the dressing table of the Duchesse de Berry.

Day 5

On the fifth day, guests will take a helicopter trip and travel to Lorraine, where Baccarat originated. On the same site where the manufacture was founded in 1764, guests will have an opportunity to see the craftsmen at work during a tour of the factory. Many of Baccarat’s craftsman have earned the distinction of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, which is an honor reserved for the best artisans in the craft.

Afterwards, guests will lunch at the “Chateau” Baccarat, originally the residence of the General Manager of the factory. Following lunch they will be given a tour of the celebrated Baccarat archives, which preserve over 16000 original drawings. The day will finish with a tour over the French countryside back to Paris.