The Center of Celebration

The Grand Salon earns its name through a palette of platinum and sparkling neutral shades, Jouffre silk-covered walls, parquet floors, and plush, high-backed banquettes. Here, drinks and dining complement social exchanges beneath a 64-arm Baccarat chandelier. Days debut with pastries on its central marble table; evenings begin when the circle of champagne bottles appears in a bright silver vasque; nights end with craft cocktails in cut-crystal tumblers. Whirring white-hot with a sense of secrecy, this is the hotel’s humming heart. 

Any and all requests are honored here, including a full bar menu, coffee, tea, and signature cuisine.

Visually stunning with a dose of French “je ne sais quoi”, the Grand Salon is inherently memorable—a quality well-suited for lavish celebrations.


A spirit of fancy, rhythm and ritual keeps the plush, platinum-and-champagne-hued Grand Salon humming throughout the day, from breakfast, when a variety of French pastries abound are laid out across a central marble table, to late into the evening, long after the chandeliers have dimmed to a coquettish wattage, when nightcaps in cut-crystal tumblers are enjoyed among friends old and new.

In between, the Grand Salon will be the hosts of light lunches served in the sumptuous seating nooks and high-backed banquettes that flank the salon’s runway-style center aisle; afternoon high tea taken from an exquisite selection of Mariage Frères boutique blends; and a 6pm Champagne presentation that is a nightly display of Parisian-style pomp and circumstance. Afterwards, guests can pair cocktails with French-inflected small plates prepared by our expert chefs. Paris-based designers Gilles & Boissier have lavished attention on every surface and detail of the soaring, 22-foot-high salon, from its pleated Jouffre silk-covered walls, to its parquet floors and plush upholstered seating. The pièce de résistance, however, is the 64-arm Baccarat chandelier at the room’s very center. 


Paneled in silver-leafed boiserie and sitting in an open alcove off the Grand Salon, the book-lined library offers a semi-secluded space for intimate celebrations and social gatherings of all kinds, from Champagne toasts to late-night rendezvous, birthday brunches to mid-afternoon meetings complete with Mariage Frères.



Elegant and intimate occaisions meet sophisticated celebration. Enjoy an immersion in the fine art of tea at Baccarat Hotel New York in exclusive partnership with Mariage Frères. Boutique blends brewed by our renowned tea sommelier are paired with chef-selected canapés and petit fours, open for enjoyment among guests, residents, and visitors alike.


Wednesday - Sunday
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Kindly reserve your experience 24 hours in advance here or by calling our dedicated host at 212-790-8867.




6:30am to 11:30pm

All Day Menu