Baccarat Heritage Experience: Moscow

Maison Baccarat

Czar Alexander and Czar Nicolas II commissions are legendary. “Table folies” of the aristocrats and St Petersburg grand bourgeoisie merely followed the imperial’s house love for Baccarat, from candelabras, to table, from crystal fountain to table services. To this day the Czar service of glasses is made only by the special craftsmen, Meilleurs ouvrier de France, in the Lorraine factory.

The most iconic piece is the 3.85 meter-high Czar candelabra, ordered by Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Fiodorovna during a visit to Paris in 1896. It comprised 3320 pieces of crystal. Illuminated with candles, the Tsar ordered electrified models for his palaces in Saint Petersburg, making it Baccarat's first electric-powered light fitting.

St Petersburg may have been the city where the Russian love of Baccarat developed, but Moscow is the place to experience it now; Philippe Stark has imagined a palace of crystal out of an old pharmacy created by order of Peter the Great. What better way to enjoy champagne and caviar, to live the brilliance of those formal suppers than by going at the Maison Baccarat on Nikolskaya Street in Moscow.

Our special stop in Russia: A trip to Moscow to feel complete.

Moscow Itinerary

Day 7

The journey continues with a private flight to Moscow to discover the very special relationship between Baccarat and the Russian royal family. Since 1867 when Alexander II saw Baccarat’s magnificent production for the Universal Exposition in Paris, the orders from Russia started to crowd Baccarat books.  By the time Nicolas II became Czar an entire furnace of 1000 workers was reserved to prepare the orders for the Russian Court. It was for Nicolas II that Baccarat delivered the very first electric candelabra and the stunning Czar glass service, inclusive of a unique vodka glass created in the Maison’s iconic golden red color. The famous hue is obtained by adding 24 carat gold powder to the 540° clear crystal mix.

Upon arrival, guests will be brought to their hotel and have the rest of the day at leisure. 

Day 8

On the first full day in the city, guests will tour Maison Baccarat Moscow. Appropriately located in the building that formerly housed the Czar pharmacy, the Maison is resplendent in Baccarat decorative objects perfectly complementing the splendor of the building.

Lunch will be served in the Cristal Room with a bespoke menu created by French chef Michel Lentz.