A Moment With Our Artisans, Matthieu Yamoum, Wine Director

A Champagne Discovery

Wine Director at Baccarat New York



Embark on a spirited discovery of France's celebrated Champagne region, known worldwide for its sparkling wine production.


"Having grown up in Champagne, France, champagne has always been a part of my life," says Matthieu. "Once I was old enough to taste it, I knew it was my passion. But as much as I enjoy drinking, recommending and sabering champagne, what I love most is educating people about it. There is so much to learn about the different growing regions, grape varieties, and production process. I believe that imparting this knowledge to others helps elevate their champagne drinking experience, and this gives me great joy." he adds.


Champagne is a region of France, located about 90 miles northeast of Paris, and approximately two and half hours from the village of Baccarat. There are 7 different grapes that can be part of the champagne blend but the only three that are used are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Depending on the grapes present in the blend, the wine can fall in 4 different categories:

- Brut

- Brut Rose

- Blanc de Blancs

- Blanc de Noirs


It is really a matter of personal preference, but for me, Champagne can be enjoyed as early as breakfast time with scrambled eggs and caviar. Is there a better way to start the day? I also believe it is an ideal pairing with any type of food, at any time of the day. With red meat for dinner, I would suggest a Rose champagne. To accompany a desert, choose a sweeter champagne. For special celebrations, indulge in a premium Prestige Cuvee.


Matthieu Yamoum, WIne Director



In addition to overseeing the extensive wine selection at the flagship property, Matthieu has curated the largest champagne list in the United States, with over 250 references. Between the brand's French pedigree dating back to 1764, the same year that many of the finest champagne houses like Ruinart and Louis Roederer were introduced; and one the finest drinking vessels, Baccarat crystal glassware, are used throughout the hotel; it's only fitting that the 'crystal palace' is home to this coveted list. 

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