Introducing the L’Art du Cocktail Menu

Inspired by The Bar’s Curated Art Collection

Fall cocktails 2022

Inspired by the hotel’s museum-quality art collection curated by French husband and wife team Stéphanie and Frédéric Chambre, the new L’Art du Cocktail menu is reflective of the fusion of sensibility experienced through the dramatic Bar’s barrel-vaulted space and whimsical interiors.

The inventive new menu, created by Bar Manager Mark Tubridy, features advanced mixology techniques, unexpected flavor pairings, and thought-provoking concepts that have stories rooted in the artwork on display throughout The Bar. “To me, the intriguing asymmetry that defines the eclectic mix of classical and contemporary pieces is really an organic exploration of Baccarat’s legacy,” says Mark. “It is as if The Bar itself had a presence in the brand’s stories heritage, and its moments and memories are on display for all of us to experience and enjoy. And with this new cocktail menu, literally discover a true taste of history.”    

Subtly echoing Baccarat’s own pedigree, The Bar’s private art collection showcases mixed media prints, intricate sculptures, canvas paintings, and striking photography which span important aesthetic movements since 1764, the year of the legendary Baccarat crystal brand’s founding.  

Included among the L’Art du Cocktail menu selections are:

Dark Sky - As ominous clouds gather over a milky backdrop, the harbinger of a storm to come, this seasonal take on the Dark N’ Stormy offers its own sensory overload. This bold cocktail combines spicy rye, cinnamon-oat milk, oloroso sherry, and ginger beer in a daunting symphony of flavors that complement the dark rum float looming overhead. 

Nuage Dark Sky

dark sky cocktail








Dust to Dust – With notes of butterscotch, banana, and walnut, this decadent Old Fashioned arrives in a plume of smoke, as if it too was born from the ashes. Just as Baccarat crystal is created, as what begins as a molten mixture of various sands and metals is transformed by artisans into the perfectly crafted drinking vessel. 

dust to dustdust to dust cocktail

Forbidden Forest – Something deliciously wicked this way comes in the form of a bewitching Highball filled with nuanced notes of herbal sweetness and soft acidity. Enhanced by Monkey 47 Gin resplendent with numerous botanicals, many of which are foraged from within the Black Forest of Germany, the visual inspiration of gnarled entanglement of trees sets the tone for this enchanting cocktail moment. 

forbidden forrest artForbidden Forrest

Split Decision – A beautiful marriage of two classic cocktails, the Cosmopolitan and the Breakfast Martini, this citrus-centric cocktail celebrates the happy accident resulting from contrasting desires. Just as the women in these twin pictures who seem to be on the same path and yet somehow heading in different directions. Stop or go? Left or right? In the end, it doesn’t really matter, which is ultimately what matters most. 

woman running to the leftwoman running to the rightsplit decision cocktail

Voodoo Way – Perhaps it is a touch of sorcery that makes these seemingly disparate flavors meld to produce a potion formed from apples and carrots, peaches and balsamic, bourbon and cardamon. The result is an enticing blend of seasonal sips that are ‘picked from a tree, plucked from the ground, as what cannot be seen cannot be found.’ 

Voodoo Way Vodoo Way  cockatil

Breaking Purple – If you were able to break a color, how would you do it and what would it look like? For example, purple. If it was dropped, would it simply shatter into a thousand pieces of blue and red? We invite you to ponder this deeply esoteric question while sipping on a liquid rainbow of mezcal and chartreuse, apple and plum, and Thai chili and honey.  

purple purple cocktial s

Desert Dance – Just as two agaves sway gently in a lonely desert wind, soft hints of sweetness and smoke intermingle with fig and tart tamarind to create a captivating performance on the palate. Both similar but somehow different, resulting in complementing flavor profiles that seem choreographed and synchronized, yet are really wild and free.

desert dance cocktial Desert cocktail

The Reach – A gripping moment awaits as hands reach out with intention. But is it to startle and scare, or grab and protect? Whatever drives the sudden movement from beyond the wall, it’s likely the catalyst for a momentary chill. To calm the nerves and subdue the senses, a blend of Caribbean rums, Bolivian Brandy, and pear and maple set the stage for an adventurous evening out.

The reach reach cocktial

Harmonie – Layers of cogniac, Jamaican Rum, apricot, and chai tea hide behind the clarifying powers of coconut cream in this harmonious cocktail. Almost invisible to the untrained eye, these flavors wait patiently to be noticed, just as a blank canvas does. Yet inherent in both this unassuming exterior and choreographed flavors is so much to see and interpret. 

harmonie artharmonie cocktail

Moulin Rouge – A cross between two alluring modern classic cocktails, this provocative potable captures The Bar’s fanciful atmosphere and vibrant playfulness. The party may just be getting started and Moulin Rouge can’t help but make you blush … and maybe that was the intention all along.   

Moulin RougeMoulin Rouge cocktail


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