For 250 years, Baccarat

has produced products that

have delighted customers and

set the standard for perfection

and exquisite craft.

We pledge to continue that

tradition as a global leader

in luxury hospitality.


To Create Exalted Delight.


The Best That Can Be Done.

Guest Experience

Perfect Craft + Unexpected Magic =

Exalted Delight

We honor the brand's 250 years

of noble heritage and perfect craft

by committing ourselves to becoming

artisans of service.

Our service delivery is caring,

perfectly executed and profoundly

personalized. Our guests will be

graciously hosted and experience an

atmosphere of intimacy and elegance

that evokes a sense of rarity,

glamour and celebration.

Our experiences are delivered with

moments of unexpected magic that

will inspire intrigue, enchantment

and loyalty in our guests.