Together with his artist wife, a draughtsman and printmaker par excellence known for his black-ink landscape drawings, uses the Harcourt glass to create what he calls “explosions of joy:” mixed-media works with a celebratory aesthetic.

"Explosion of joy: The Harcourt glass calls for exhilaration and jubilation, symbolized by a white ‘frill’ escaping from the crystal chalice."

Responsible for the black-and-white murals surrounding the hotel’s pool and on the door panels in its rooms, artist François Houtin is known for his detailed prints of utopian, whimsical gardens and landscapes. 

After basing himself in Paris for many years, he now lives and works in Brittany with his wife and frequent collaborator, artist Bénédicte Mongrolle, with whom he partnered for this project. 

Making work that includes paintings, photographs, etchings, drawings, sculptures and installations, Mongrolle was born in 1955 in Brittany. She studied at L’École Nationale Supérieure de Paris, and has since shown her pieces—largely revolving around found objects—internationally.