Discover What’s Brewing with Tea Sommelier Gabrielle Jammal

Join us for a Virtual Tea Tasting

Tea tasting crystal glassware at Baccarat hotel

Gabriel Jammal, Tea Sommelier at Baccarat Hotel New York, will host a Virtual Live Tea Tasting Experience in conjunction with In Pursuit of Tea.

The experience includes a special In Pursuit of Tea x Baccarat Hotel New York sampler set, created exclusively for this event and delivered to your home in advance of the June 6 tasting at 10 am.

Baccarat Sampler

At this guided tasting conducted on-line via Zoom, participants will enjoy a special In Pursuit of Tea x Baccarat Hotel New York tea sampler set created exclusively for this event and delivered to their home in advance of the June 6 tasting at 10 am. Gabrielle will guide participants on a discovery of the world of Camellia sinesis with this deluxe loose leaf set. Three handcrafted teas, hailing from small, traditional farms in Taiwan and China, offer an inspired way to learn about how tea is made and a comparison of various different styles. 

•    Silver Needle (white tea)
•    Nantou Four Seasons (oolong tea)
•    Mao Feng (black tea)


How to Brew
Steep Silver Needle at 185 degrees Fahrenheit, below boiling, to maintain its natural sweetness. Nantou and Mao Feng can be prepared using boiling water. For each tea, try infusing multiple cups from the same leave, and a glass teapot or metal infuser is recommended. See our full instructions for brewing loose leaf tea, and visit the IPOT journal for stories from the tea trail.

To register for the virtual tasting and purchase the sampler set, please visit Please note that orders must be placed by May 28 to ensure delivery in advance of the June 6 tasting. 



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