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A Moment With Our Artisans, Tanja Hernandez, Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Discover a Day in the Life of the New Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Why She’s Perfect for the Role  

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How to Create the Duke at Home

Our Bar and Spirits Director Antoine Hodge shares his recipe for the refreshing Duke cocktail.

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A Moment With Our Artisans, Matthieu Yamoum, Wine Director



Embark on a spirited discovery of France's celebrated Champagne region, known worldwide for its sparkling wine production.


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A Moment With Our Artisans, Rosario Wakabayashi, Pastry Chef

Chef Wakabayashi shares her scone recipe for home chefs to make weekends even sweeter. 

The history of afternoon tea complete with scones, jam, clotted cream, finger sandwiches and other tasty confections was born in the 1840s when the Duchess of Bedford request some nibbles to quell the "sinking feeling" she had in the late afternoons. IN other words, the long gap between breakfast and dinner left her feeling quite hungry around 5 in the afternoon. Scones remain a beloved staple of this time-honored tradition. 

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A Moment With Our Artisans, Gabrielle Jammal, Tea Sommelier

The artisan behind Baccarat Hotel New York’s inspired tea program shares her tips for preparing the perfect pot of tea. “Tea is such a significant part of our lives and a very personal passion for so many around the world,” says Gabrielle. “It is part of the fabric of every culture and the foundation for wellness. It is also something that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time, and helping others create their own special tea experience is tremendously rewarding to me.”


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