Harcourt Wall, Baccarat Hotel


A Curated Collection

Parisian art connoisseur Frédéric Chambre spent eighteen months in Paris auction houses seeking extraordinary works of art for Baccarat New York. The resulting collection, spanning from the 18th century to the present day, includes a series of paintings, photography, and compelling works in other mediums, all uniquely suited to Baccarat.

Beyond the exceptional artwork collected for the hotel by Frédéric Chambre, Baccarat New York also tapped the Paris curator to commission new work from eleven artists, both French and based in France. Each was given 10 Baccarat Harcourt glasses—the most iconic piece of stemware in the maison’s collection—and create an artistic interpretation of its nuances. 

Diverse and inventive, these radiant pieces are displayed as dramatically lit glass vitrines, standing silent and pristine in white marble suite doorways.